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Your definitive BET bracket


So there it is. Read it, store it on your desktop and then come back Sunday to point and laugh.

I second-guessed myself a bit after finishing because it's pretty chalk. But then again, there's such a big gap between the top and bottom of the conference that it would make a lot of sense for it to play out this way. Which means there will probably be a bunch of upsets.

As you can see, I took UConn over Syracuse, mainly because the Huskies looked so good against them last time, and, of course, chose Pitt to once again stomp all over our souls. I expect this one to be a lot closer than the last meeting, but I haven't seen anything in either meeting with the Panthers that leads me to believe things will change in a third game.

Nova over L'ville is a bit of an upset, but I think it's doable considering the last matchup turned into a big mess toward the end and the Wildcats kind of blew it in the final seconds. The Cardinals come into the BET on fire, having won their past seven, but I think Nova has enough firepower in Scottie Reynolds, Dante Cunningham and Corey Fisher to take them down.

But against Pitt, I could see the Wildcats getting blown out. Unless Pitt shoots itself in the foot, it's hard to beat. And it's also hard to really predict when they'll do that, so I'm just going ride them and hope it works out. (Please, prove me wrong, Pitt.)

UConn's off until Thursday at 9 p.m., but I'm going to try to keep up with the action. ESPN didn't pick up the games (and considering Wednesday's lineup, I guess I can see why) so you're on your own for finding a spot to watch. seems to be the only legitimate option if you're willing to shell out $10 per month (Turns out all first-round coverage is free!), but I'm sure someone is out there right now preparing to pirate for the good of Big East fans (not that we would ever condone such a thing).

We'll try to keep up with some of the action tomorrow and how it affects UConn, and I'm sure we'll pump out some content once Syracuse officially becomes the opponent. At the very least, the LiveBlog will be up and running on gameday.

So have fun, enjoy the games and go teams that put the Huskies in better positions.