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Pollin': UConn falls to No. 3 (AP), No. 4 (Coaches')


Polls in general are pretty useless. And discussing ones that come out six days before Selection Sunday and hours before most of the major conference tourneys start is particularly inane.

But considering the events of last weekend, I guess it's somewhat newsworthy.

I'm pretty satisfied with UConn's position in the AP poll, but fourth in the coaches?

I know Memphis is on some type of crazy win streak going on, and all those Ws in a row looks pretty nice when you glance at their schedule, but the Tigers play one of the weakest schedules in the country.

They have maybe one marquee win (Tennessee), but even that's questionable; that win over Gonzaga doesn't mean much now (something we should all be familiar with) and they beat only one of the three Big East teams they faced (I'm sorry, Seton Hall, but you're not even really a school).

UConn, meanwhile, has lost twice to the No. 2 team in the country and once to Georgetown, which also beat Memphis. And we also have that whole playing in one of the best conferences in the past five years thing in our favor too.

This somehow turned into a Memphis-bashing post, but all I'm saying is if we get bounced by Pitt again in the BET semis and the other Coach Cal gets a one seed by playing against glorified mid-majors, someone's getting dropkicked.