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UConn backs into No. 3 seed in BET


Oh, the good old days. ... Sigh.

As far as my stance on Saturday's game, I'm not really budging.

But with Louisville winning the conference's regular season title Saturday night, turns out the loss to Pitt might not have been a terrible thing, as far as the Big East tourney goes.

As expected, Pitt jumped UConn in the standings and claimed the No. 2 seed, while the Huskies took the No. 3 spot.

However, Pitt may end up with the hardest matchup in the quarterfinals (Seriously? Four teams are automatically put in the quarterfinals? What is this cockamamie bracket they've cooked up this year?). As the bracket shows, Pitt will likely see the winner of No. 7 West Virginia, which just took U of L to the wire, and No. 10 Notre Dame, perhaps the most talented team (read: underachieving) to not make the NCAAs this season.

UConn, meanwhile, will get the winner of No. 6 Syracuse and most likely No. 11 Seton Hall. The Pirates may rally under some crazy Jersey inferiority complex and play out of their minds (kind of like they did Saturday), but it's probably safe to assume the color Orange is the opponent in this one. And I would say that's not so bad, especially considering what happened last time.

As an added bonus, this also gives us a chance to do some more hating on Syracuse, which has become a pastime here.

And we're just going to overlook the fact that, if things stay chalk, we'd see Pitt for a third time and likely be handed a third loss.

But we're staying positive. So we won't mention anything about playing Cuse in past tournaments. Or that the thought of playing Pitt just makes me not want to watch the tournament.

Sh*t. Sorry.