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'09 Football schedule released


* = Conference games

All things considered, it's not too bad.

The one thing that stands out the most is the rough four-game stretch starting Oct. 24 of West Virginia, Rutgers, Cincy and Notre Dame, with three of the four games on the road. It's doable, sure. Especially since The 'Eers and Knights will have new QBs this season and Cincy lost some firepower on offense.

But then again, you could say the same things about UConn. And with UNC and what should be an improved Baylor team on tap early on, bowl eligibility will probably still be up in the air. So I guess it will give the games added meaning, which should bump up the interest level, but at the same time, the season could be derailed if things go bad.

For home games, we kind of get screwed.

North Carolina is a great home opener (I can't remember the last competitive team we've gotten to open at the Rent). Getting USF to end the season looks good too, but the Bulls will probably be demoralized at that point after their usually mid-season slide.

Problem is, four of the top five games (which I say are UNC, WVU, Pitt, Cincy, Notre Dame) are away.

My way-too-early-but-hey-I-like-football projection: 7-4, 5-2 Big East.

I think UConn will fall to the Heels, Notre Dame, South Florida and, sigh, West Virginia (because Pat White's ghost still lingers there).

Then again, seeing that we're still traveling to play teams like Ohio is a nice reminder that I may be overrating the team slightly.