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A picture says a thousand words about your opinion of a co-worker's post-game rant


No, Geno Auriemma was not just given a Three Stooges poke to the eye. Nor was this photo taken approximately an hour after dining on Chinese food. (Only the highest-brow stuff here, folks.)

No, this is simply Geno's reaction when he was asked his thoughts on the infamous Calhoun v. Guy rant on PTI's five good minutes Thursday.

It's well-known that Geno and Coach Cal don't have the best relationship. It's certainly no where near the sort-of-creepy gal-pal relationship between Bruce Pearl and Pat Summit. But Geno, who has truth serum running through his veins, actually does a good job of playing the fence on this one, despite obviously making a conscious effort not to sell Calhoun out. So I think it's safe to tell Blane Dog to cancel that hit.

The clip is also quite interesting because, you know, the women's team is pretty good and everything. Geno discusses the possibility of coaching a men's team and in the WBNA, and he also points out that he would have pegged his team as the favorite if Caroline Doty was still around. Now their just sort of a mega power that beats teams by 30 as opposed to the colossal mega power they could be.

Also, anyone tired of the Calhoun story yet?