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UConn athletic dept. fights fire with amicable prepared statements


The people of Marquette are doing fine things with Photoshop these days. Well done, my friend

With Connecticut government officials now taking turns calling foul on Coach Cal's hilarious post-game advice for professional guy Ken Krayeske, it was only a matter of time before the man himself responded.

Thursday afternoon, both Calhoun and athletic director Jeff Hathaway fired back with an elbow drop off the top rope in the form of a polite acknowledgment of wrongdoing, and a DDT of "Hey, the Calhouns do a lot for the community, so let's cut 'em a break."

Get 'em, boys!

From Hathaway (italics are my words, in case you couldn't tell):

"Jim and I have talked on a number of occasions about the debate over his comments from last Saturday. It is clear to me that Jim is now aware of the potential impact his comments may have had.

We are in agreement that in challenging and emotional settings we must always be sensitive to the manner in which we make our comments and how others may interpret them. (Anyone else as bored as I am?)

Everyone would agree that Jim, Pat and the entire Calhoun family are passionate about their commitment to assisting and participating in the many charitable endeavors associated with our University, the state of Connecticut and on the national level. (Such as showing other coaches who's boss on a daily basis.)

The significant contributions of Jim's 23-year tenure at UConn have provided our institution with a nationally ranked men's basketball program along with a platform to showcase our outstanding academic institution and serve as a rallying point for students, faculty, staff, alumni, friends and the state of Connecticut. (I know I shove my outstanding academic institution in my friends' faces all the time.)

I am confident that Jim understands the impact of his comments from last Saturday and I believe with this behind us, Coach will now be able to focus his attention on the remainder of the regular season and the postseason ahead."

And now Calhoun:

"It has become clear that my comments have been misinterpreted by some as being insensitive to the current economic climate that those of us around our country and here in Connecticut are all facing.

I believe I have a duty, responsibility and obligation to support the state I love and the many people and organizations of Connecticut that are in need. I look forward to continuing with the same amount of passion and commitment to assist people and causes that are important to me and my family."

It's quite impressive to see that even in a prepared statement probably written by someone else, Calhoun manages to come off sounding gruff and unapologetic. Well done, sir.