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Two legislators want to put Coach Cal in timeout

The good thing is I get to put this video up again.

The bad is the man is trying to scold Coach Cal yet again. Sen. Mary Ann Handley, D-Manchester, and Rep. Roberta Willis, D-Lakeville, sent a letter to UConn president Michael J. Hogan expressing their displeasure in Calhoun's naughty behavior and suggesting that he be reprimanded. Sounds kinky.

A brief look at the logic behind the letter:

"His recent behavior was unacceptable and we request that the university take appropriate disciplinary action to reinforce the high ethical standards we have come to expect from our flagship institution."

They're right. As soon as Nate Miles left, the program has really sunk into the moral crapper.

"With the rise to prominence, of UCONN sports, the University's standing and reputation has improved significantly, and the school has been able to raise much needed funding. However, with increased success and recognition comes increased responsibility."

All right, I get it already. I should have stopped the crook from the wrestling ring when I had the chance. Jeez, Uncle Ben's not coming back, OK?

"UCONN athletes and coaches are representatives of the University. They are the face of UCONN to the nation and we must demand that they meet the highest standards of conduct for its staff, faculty and students."

In other words: "Coach Cal, thanks for almost single-handedly raising the national profile of our university. Without you, graduation requirements would still include milking cows. However, through his masterful dexterity, that "Great pick" guy has convinced us that we're a top university, so please stop behaving the way that brought us two national titles."

We are proud of the achievements of Coach Calhoun and of our athletes, and we recognize that their hard work has brought much recognition to the university; the team as a whole has helped the university attract the best and the brightest students from not only Connecticut, but from across the country.

Well, they're right there. I am a f**king genius.

I just don't know where this is all coming from. Am I being a homer -- Porter-esque, if you will -- or does all this commotion seem to be a bit much? Calhoun has been making brash comments for as long as I can remember. And sure, this one eventually degenerates into a "Shut up. No you shut up"-type argument, but I don't remember anyone in Philly government getting on John Chaney's case for trying to give the John Calipari the rock bottom.

I guess if there is something good to come out of this hubbub, it's that there has been a firm line drawn as to what can and cannot be said during a post-game press conference tirade:

Swearing at a reporter who questions why you didn't recruit a 6-foot-5, 270-pound forward that even Providence didn't really want: OK

Yelling at a quasi-reporter for ambushing you with questions about how much you make and suggesting you give back money to help the economy: Not OK