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Gov. Rell calls Coach Cal's comments 'embarassing'; Coach Cal has some advice for Gov. Rell

As soon as I heard professional grandstander Ken Krayeske say those magical first words ("Considering you're the highest-paid state--"), I knew I was in for another instance of Coach Cal greatness.

But at the time, I didn't think it was as big a deal as it has become.

Apparently, I was wrong. I think listening to Calhoun's ramblings over the years has created a chilling effect in Connecticut that skews what we deem over the top.

Almost everyone has weighed in on the now infamous rant. Every major blog from the Big Lead to Deadspin -- which said Cal's clip may top Mike Gundy's from a year; I don't even think it top this one , and it certainly hasn't reached Gundy status -- has provided insight, and even ESPN chimed in.

If that wasn't enough, Connecticut governor M. Jodi Rell threw her two cents yesterday, calling Coach Cal's comments an "embarrassing display".

"I think if coach Calhoun had the opportunity right now, he would welcome a do-over and not have that embarrassing display," Rell told reporters after a meeting with business leaders and local college officials."

First, it's Coach Cal, lady. Get it straight.

And secondly, she's probably right about the second chance. But is it really necessary for the governor to weigh in on a petty squabble like this, especially when Calhoun would probably like a less-hilarious do-over? If she could, I'm sure she would have liked a little input on her first name. Those Bond jokes probably got old after, like, a day.

Does she not know how much money Coach Cal bring in for the university? (Which, turns out, is a lot less than he thinks.)

So let's not cast stones, OK, M.?

If you keep undermining Coach Cal's power, Coach Cal may just have to dole out some advice for you, too.