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SH1/2W: Exploring the depths of YouTube

I admit, "Greatest Moments" is stretching it.

I admit, "Greatest Moments" is stretching it.

A YouTube search of "UConn Syracuse" turns up surprisingly few results. So does "Syracuse loss," which caught me off guard.

That didn't leave me with a whole lot of choices for Syracuse mockery, but I believe that this is probably the cream of the crap.

So please, enjoy these videos and laugh at everything associated with Syracuse and the Orange (some videos are NSFW because of language):

  • We'll kick-start the hilarity with Jim Boeheim's legendary two press conferences. First, there was his epic battle with a microphone and wise-cracking sound technician:

  • And, naturally, the remix:

  • Second up, Boeheim gets mad at the SU student paper for calling Gerry McNamara overrated, as is their right and their responsibility as an objective news source. Everyone say it with me...TEN F---ING GAMES!

  • Next up, a despondent Syracuse fan must face the reality of Syracuse's loss to UMass in last year's NIT quarterfinals. Let his cries sustain you:

  • Next up, the infamous court-storming in last year's Syracuse-Georgetown game at the Carrier Dome. I get that Georgetown is their main rivals, and this topic has been debated elsewhere. But I'd be embarrassed if UConn stormed the court against anybody, even if it does look fun as hell.

Thirdly, we have... hey, how did this get in here?

  • And we'll wrap this up with a brief look at the last few seconds of UConn's win over the Cuse at Gampel in 2007. That year, if you're new to UConn basketball, was the year UConn had 9 first-year players and was terrible. Still, beating the Cuse just came naturally, as do the high-pitched screams toward the end of the video: