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TheUConnBlog representin' at the Big East Blogger Roundtable

The Big East Blogger Roundtable - 2/10/09

Brian at Orange:44 was kind enough, in this week of Orange mockery, to invite yours truly to represent UConn at tonight's Big East blogger roundtable over at his site (9 p.m.)

If you're as new to this stuff as I am, Brian's been hosting a few of these since December. So come on over and watch as I attempt to hold my own in talking Big East hoops (and maybe even a little football) with the following panelists:

Should be fun. Join us, as we will (likely) have a thought-provoking discussion on everything that's going on in America's best conference.

So remember, that's tonight at 9:00, over at Orange:44. Syracuse mockery will continue here following the roundtable. Chips and salsa will be served.