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SH1/2W: Paul Harris has more than 20 questions, but less than 22

This doctor is at a loss that UConn still can't figure out a zone defense.

This doctor is at a loss that UConn still can't figure out a zone defense.

As they say, a win is a win. Yay winning. #1 UConn scraped by Michigan last night, 69-61, but it wasn't pretty hot and tempting, as the kids say. It's a nonconference game, Jeff Adrien and Jerome Dyson missed a million layups, the refs made some truly awful calls against UConn, and it's still a win. If Porter or Verrier want to go more in depth, go ahead, but I'm moving on.

(Except for one quick point: The student section was absolutely rabid right before tipoff, moreso after UConn took an 8-1 lead. And yet after that, Saturday was one of the quieter February Gampel crowds I've witnessed. I'm vacillating between blaming UConn's poor play and UConn fans/administration. Hey old people, stand the hell up and yell when UConn is on defense. Is that too much to ask for the people who make our college atmosphere suck? God. Digression over.)

So we move on to confront the evil, no-defense-playing Syracuse Orange Wednesday night in Gampel. As part of our Syracuse Hate Half-Week (or: Orange You Glad You're Not A Syracuse Fan), I'd like to kick things off with a video which has made the rounds over the interweb over the last two weeks.

It's one Mr. Paul Harris embarrassing himself on YouTube, rapping along to 50 Cent's 2003 classic, "21 Questions." Guest-starring in this masterpiece is Paul's friends, Random Out-of-place White Guy and Shady Other Guy. Also, take note of the ridiculous shrine Paul has erected in Paul Harris' honor. Enjoy.