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No. 1 Huskies break the curse of Thackery Binx

The references keep getting more obscure. Also, yay.

Curse, huh? Pffffffff.

Digger Phelps may have put a spell on them with his crazy highlighters and nonsensical logic, but the No. 1 Huskies protected this house (albeit in someone else's house) and their newly-acquired No. 1 ranking and title as undisputed awesome guys in the NCAA.

You know, I don't know what to say about a 68-51 thumping of No. 7 Louisville. Usually I'll have some snide remark to make about Hasheem Thabeet's ability to disappear in big games, but really, I've got nothin'. It was truly a wooyah effort.

Everything you would want against a top-10 team, in a hostile environment, in front of a large chicken, was there -- aside from letting Terrence Williams score 26. But the rest of the Cardinals' starting five combined for 10 points, so even that's a stretch.

I'm really beside myself. After going through childhood expecting a win every game, the past three years really broke my spirit. So now it's like getting back together with an ex that cheated on you: you want to build that trust, but there's always that doubt in the back of your head. Perhaps I can schedule a trust fall with Coach Cal before the Michigan game Saturday.

Luckily, the game provided me some comfort: Stanley Robinson returned to his inconsistent ways after dropping 18 on the Snuggies, which is consistent with his inconsistent past; A.J. Price got dinged up, but then, as always, used his Wolverine-style regeneration powers to overcome it; and Jeff Adrien pounded his chest a few hundred times.

Besides that, I've got nothing. But I think ESPN's Rece Davis pretty much summed everything up when trying to salvage a Digger statement that was going nowhere:

"The Huskies proved that they're not only the best team in the country, but also the best team in the Big East."