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Oh oh where's Majok? Who knows?

"Never believe it's not so. It's Majok, you know." (Courier-Journal)

So, as expected, UConn blowed out Fairfield 75-55 at the Extra Large Center last night.

Not much to take away from this game. Hasheem Thabeet and Jeff Adrien each had 20 and 10. Only one Stags player made it to double figures. Kemba Walker had a solid nine points and four assists. And Gavin Edwards came back down to Earth -- and the bench -- putting up a goose egg in 10 minutes.

No. No, Blaney brawl.

The biggest news on the night actually came from who wasn't on the bench.

Ater Majok, the 6-foot-10, all-awesome, five-star, mega-good soon-to-be UConn freshman forward from Sudan via Australia was at the game. But he could only watch from the stands behind the bench.

Majok, like nearly every player on the team before him, is being held up by the NCAA clearinghouse.

Per the Courant's Mike Anthony.

Majok said "I don't know what's going on" and Smith said the NCAA "has everything" it needs and that he expects no further contact until a decision is made , and the NCAA has given no indication of when that might be.

Fairfield was apparently the first team to recruit Majok -- until the Stags realized he was too talented for them -- so it was especially sad for the Majok man. I'm sure Coach Cal knows everyone in the clearinghouse office by now, so I don't know why he can't bat those eyelashes and get this thing moving.

In the meantime, the Huskies should focus their attention on recruiting Majok's younger brother, Majok Majok.

With the two of them in the fold, that'd be a whole lot of Majok magic.