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Andre Dixon finally goes to class, may be the only one who wants to go to the International Bowl

After a weekend where the nation of Storrs collectively and repeatedly gave itself chest bumps, Monday is, as expected, a slow news day.

Coach Cal has sojourned to California, where he is probably being fed grapes in a harem and receiving awards for beating the shit out of cancer; A.J. Price, or as CBS' resident wordsmith Gus Johnson called him, the "Amityville Horror," is probably receiving mirth in some farm or chilling with women in they own condominiums; and Geno Auriemma is most likely donning a Bill Cosby sweater and wrapping his arm around gal pal Caroline Doty by the fire in Maya Moore's mansion while they all share a maniacal laugh at Tennessee's misfortunes -- and Pat Summit's haircut.

But, courtesy of the Courant's Desmond Connor, there is a bit of news from the gridiron: Cranky running back Andre Dixon has applied for an alcohol education program. OK, so it's not necessarily rehab, but still.

From the article:

"Andre made a mistake and is looking to put the matter behind him," Rob Britt, Dixon's lawyer, said today.

Not really sure how to react to this one. On the one hand, it seems like he's doing the right thing -- even though he's merely going to a D.A.R.E. class -- and is back practicing with the team. But then again, this could all just be a ploy to make nicey-nice with the law and to get out of his now infamous DUI.

Either way, unless Donald Brown changes his mind and bolts for the L, Dixon is setting himself up for a nice rebound at Manchester Community College next season.

Here and there:

  • Linebacker C.J. Marck is apparently dunzo, and will transfer. Also within this post from Connor, apparently one person enjoys inside draws more than Randy Edsall. I think he means "Towson," by the way.
  • Does anybody know what tournament the Huskies played in this weekend? I couldn't tell from that massive maroon "BATTLE IN SEATTLE" logo in center court.
  • Maybe it's the cold weather -- or the appeal of a Buffalo-UConn matchup -- but there are a few tickets left for the Jan. 3 International Bowl. But things could be worse. The St. Petersburg Bowl drew just 25,055, the lowest attendance since 1997.
  • Apparently Huggy Bear isn't a big fan of ESPN's Andy Katz. After dumping his head into a tub of hair gel, Katz put the 'Eers on upset alert against Miami (OH). West Virginia won by 36. With nothing else better to write about, the local press brought up the prediction.

"It’s Andy Katz, man," Huggins said. "It’s not like it’s someone who knows what they’re talking about."

Tip of the hat to the Big Lead.

  • Punter Desi Cullen had an appendectomy last week, likely while washing his hair on a Saturday night. He's questionable for the bowl game.