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It's UConn v. UNC tonight! And no, not even the fifth-most exciting thing you think of when you hear "UConn v. UNC"

This is like the fourth time I've used this picture. It's a versatile photo.

This is like the fourth time I've used this photo. It's a very versatile picture.

OK, so I know women's basketball isn't exactly a priority among the other blog contributors and readers. But since they're the team on campus who's actually accomplished something since my freshman year, someone's got to carry the banner once in a while. Besides, I've got a football post and a Gonzaga preview in the pipeline, so quiet down.

Anyway, tonight, you should know that the top-ranked Huskies will be playing their second game in as many nights at the Caribbean Classic in Cancun, Mexico. In the first game, they thrashed a middling-to-bad Pac-10 team, Washington, by 48 points (109-51).

Thursday's win was 8-0 UConn's fifth of at least 40 points, and fifth game of scoring at least 96 points. They're pretty good.

Tonight's opposition will be the one-and-only UNC.

Actually, I'll just save you the pondering and let you know the 'C' stands for 'Colorado' and the 'UN' stands for 'who the hell cares?' Trust me, it works in other languages.

The Bears are 4-5, having lost to the murderer's row of Pacific, Missouri-Kansas City (the Kangarettes?), Air Force, Colorado State and a decent Florida State team.

In the Florida State game, played Thursday in Cancun, the Seminoles outscored the Bears 45-9 in the second half. FSU won, 75-32. Florida State would probably get beat by UConn by 40. Actually, we'll know for sure when they play Sunday.

But anyway, to my point: is that your transitive property showing, or are you just happy to see me?

I'm not saying we'll see any kind of record - UConn's biggest-ever win was a ridiculous 117-20 win over Quinnipiac in 1998, which unfortunately failed to cover the 98 1/2-point spread - but someone who, in Madden, will go for 2-point conversions in order to reach 100 points against the computer, I enjoy me some crazy, borderline-unsportsmanlike blowouts.

That'll learn them to try and compete against teams better than them. So keep an eye on tonight's score.

Update (12:32 A.M. Saturday): Aw. Geno took it easy, playing the starters for about 25 minutes each, and winning 85-40. How dare he hold back his starters in a situation where his team had nothing to prove! Pat Summitt's legacy won't catch itself, dammit.