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Daily Campus Editor-in-Chief Resigns.

Disclosure: I am a former employee of The Daily Campus. I worked for the paper for 3 years and served as the paper’s managing editor before leaving last May.

A quick update on the story we posted yesterday about The Daily Campus' new policy blotter policy. As you may recall, The Daily Campus enacted a new policy that called for removing the police blotter from the paper's website. At the very least, the paper had some poor timing because the policy was created just over a week after the arrest of a close friend and roommate of Sarah Kopman-Fried, the paper's editor-in-chief.

As it turns out, Kopman-Fried resigned from her post at The Daily Campus today. She announced the move in an end of the semester e-mail to the paper's editors and said she was resigning so she could prepare to attend law school in the fall. Current business manager Tara Cartwright will be the paper's interim EIC.

A source passed along Kopman-Fried's e-mail to the editors, you can find it after the jump.

UPDATE: Kopman-Fried contacted TheUConnBlog and asked that the e-mail be removed as it was a "private communication with the staff." I have decided to take it down for three reasons:

  1. It is not terribly compelling and instead of the e-mail, you can now find a quick summary after the jump.
  2. It was a polite and fair request.
  3. So I could pose the following question: If a key member of any other student organization resigned and the Daily Campus got a copy of the resignation e-mail from a source, what do you think they would do with it?

Here's the e-mail, now in summary form:

From: "Sarah Kopman-Fried"
Date: Thu, 4 Dec 2008 16:41:32 -0500
Subject: End of the Semester

Hey everyone, it was a good semester, thanks for all the hard work. I got into law school, as a result, I'm resigning.