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UConn (specifically, Tyler Lorenzen) just threw a touchdown pass to a wide receiver.

No, no, don't look at me, mouth agape.

A touchdown pass.

To a wide receiver.


I'm so happy...I think I may cry.

See, guys? It's not that hard! All you had to do was fake two reverses, flea-flick it back to your quarterback, and have him completely underthrow your receiver (who may as well have fair caught the ball), who staggers in the end zone anyway.

It was like Sam Bradford, Colt McCoy and a guy with a terrible throwing arm combined into one superawesome QB for one magical play.

This is the greatest game ever and I'm so happy.

[Writing three hours later]

On an unrelated note, my neighborhood lost power about 2 minutes after this play. How'd the rest of the game go?

[checks Interwebs.]

Ah. I see.

The team's mediocre, anyways. I'm not going to get down about a mediocre team doing what mediocre teams do. At least some people are finally getting the message that 15-4 doesn't mean a damn thing in college football, where you can schedule 5 out-of-conference schlubs a year.

Besides, today is a day for celebration: the Jets look like a real, live Super Bowl contender for the first time since 1998, UConn basketball got a nice win over a ranked team on a neutral court today, and most importantly, UConn's 66-21 thrashing at West Virginia has now been displaced in terms of "worst beating by a team in a position to clinch a BCS berth." Because Oklahoma just scored again.

Also, it's my 17th (and last) Thanksgiving break as a student, my favorite week of the year.

So keep your chin up, and remember: Hasheem Thabeet and Kemba Walker wear Husky blue-and-white.