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Thabeet can't get enough Calhoun wisdom

Hasheem Thabeet is learning from his coach outside of practice now.

Hasheem Thabeet said he's read a bunch of books.

But Thabeet said the one he was holding onto as he fielded questions from reporters last night after the Huskies' 81-55 season-opening win over Western Carolina was different than ones he's read before.

Atop a box filled with ESPN the Magazines with himself on the cover, was a copy of "A Passion to Lead: Seven Leadership Secrets for Success in Business, Sports and Life," co-written by someone whom Thabeet may be familiar: Jim Calhoun.

Apparently he doesn't get enough wisdom for his head coach in practice.

"I had the first book and my aunt came over and she really wanted it, so I gave it to her," Thabeet said. "Now I have to finish it."

At first I thought Thabeet was joking, and he just was bringing it to his aunt. But after I asked if he was really reading it, he went in depth about what he's learning from it.

"It's more to do with the personal belief of yourself, what you want to do to succeed or to accomplish whatever goals you have in your life," Thabeet said. "So ... I like it."

It looks like he's taking those success tips to heart.

Thabeet scored 23 points while pulling down 17 boards and blocking five shots against the Catamounts.