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How did Mansfield vote? The answer may suprise you, but it probably won't.

As you may have heard by now, there was an election yesterday, and as predicted, Barack Obama won handily. But really, all those national results mean nothing next to the real question: how did Mansfield vote? Well it may come as a shock, but this northeastern liberal college town voted overwhelmingly for Democrats.

  • Obama grabbed 76 percent (7,872) of Mansfield's votes, easily surpassing McCain's 22 percent (2,235) and Nader's 2 percent (187) percent. Only Hartford (90 percent) voted more overwhelmingly for Obama in Connecticut.
  • Meanwhile, in the race for the 2nd Congressional District, incumbent congressman Joe Courtney also cleaned up. He beat up on challenger Sean Sullivan, grabbing 80 percent of Mansfield's support, the largest margin of any town in the 2nd District. Overall, Courtney received 7,636 votes to Sullivan's 1,708.