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UConn Votes.

As first reported on, today is election day. UConn students registered in town are gathering at the Mansfield Community Center to vote and there is quite a line. As of noon, the line for UConn students who live on campus took about a 90 minutes, though through a quirk in the system, if a voter's last name starts with a letter between "A" and "K," they were likely to get out in just over an hour. The line had grown by 1:30 and looked to be about two hours long, so if you are still planning on heading out to vote, leave yourself some time.

Various notes on the voting experience and the potentially felonious act of a coffee giant can be found after the jump.

  • The area around the community center was flooded with Joe Courtney signs, with Obama/Biden signs running a distant second. I only spotted on McCain/Palin sign, which equaled the one sign for Nader I spotted.
  • Students who live off-campus are lucky enough to join the "Mansfield Resident" line, which takes about 10 minutes. As one friend of mine put it, he gets to vote fast, but on-campus students enjoy clean water and working showers.
  • In a bit of hilarious election news, many UConn students were probably excited to learn that Starbucks was giving away free coffee to anyone who said they voted. The one problem? It turns out it the promotion violates federal law. Oops.
  • Speaking of free stuff, USG is giving away T-Shirts and Wendy's Frostys. No word yet on whether or not the Federal Election Commission is investigating Ryan McHardy.