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UConn-Cincy Live Blog: Pre-game

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Game time, woot?

Game time, woot?

East Hartford, Conn. -- Top of the morn'.

We're here at lovely Rentschler Field in the the heart of America about an hour away from kickoff as the Huskies to take on Cincinnati (5-1, 1-0) in what could be a pivotal Big East contest for UConn (5-2, 1-1).

As it stands now, Concussion Gate '08 has reached day seven, and we still don't have any more information on the matter. Several players were warming up on the field a few moments ago; unfortunately, I didn't bring my binoculars, so I couldn't really make out exactly who was throwing around. I'm pretty sure I saw Cody Endres out there, and Tyler Lorenzen was certainly throwing it around.

I didn't see Zach Frazer, but as I am typing this (11:05 a.m.), Frazer just appeared on the field in uniform, in full pads and wearing a different helmet (one of the new revolutions that help prevent concussions) to hold kicks for ousted kicker Tony Ciaravino. He is throwing warmup passes with Endres (yes, I feel like a stalker).

More non-concussion-related game info ... and probably more concussion stuff, after the jump

UPDATE: Endres is starting. See ya, bowl eligibility.

So more info on the actual game.

It's overcast here right now, and the weather channel is predicting an 80 percent chance of rain, as well as a temperature of N/A (it's only funny if it's still up there, but if it isn't, that's what the temperature said on ... and yes, this is one of those jokes that isn't funny because I have to explain it).

UConn is in all blue, with Cincinnati in all white -- with perhaps the ugliest side-pannel designs in history.

Not to focus too much on aesthetics, but the Bearcats have a long history of having some of the worst jerseys.

Anywho, this game could come down to who eventually takes the snaps. If Endres is in, UConn will probably lose, because this is not a defense (No. 43 overall, if you're lazy) you want to throw a new qb to. But if Frazer is in, UConn will probably still lose, but at least they'll have a chance. Cincy ranks No. 90 in pass defense, although those stats are a bit skewed by their game against Oklahoma; Mike Mickens is perhaps the best corner in the conference, and Jerry Rice isn't necessarily walking through that door for UConn. He may; Kevin Youklis, a big Cincy supporter, is apparently roaming around downstairs, so who knows.

My take? UConn pounds it out on the ground against a very good defensive line, Donald Brown gets his usual 100 yards and UConn takes the loss as a result of their inability to move the ball through the air. Rutgers showed last week that it can take away the run game, and although the Huskies did well passing the ball at the end of the game, it takes far too long for Rob Amrbose and the offensive coaches to figure out how to throw a forward pass.

Prediction: Cincinnati wins, 24-13, and alumnus walk away without embarassment. And then go out tonight in Storrs and negate all that by getting arrested at ages in excess of 30.