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We're getting some love. Kind of.

Jeff Jacobs has a nice column in today's Hartford Courant about Randy Edsall's interesting habit of not answering questions. It is a nice piece, certainly worth checking out, but what makes it truly notable is its half-mention of

Jacobs writes:

Of course, Edsall, who eventually said Frazer was in meetings and on the field this week, never actually used the word "concussion." It was Kashif Moore who did, citing a coach while the freshman receiver spoke to the UConn student newspaper blog.

The blog he mentions happens to be the one you are currently reading and that lovely scoop came courtesy of our own Justin Verrier on Tuesday.

Seeing as we intentionally are not The Daily Campus, we do have to take some umbrage at being identified as "the UConn student newspaper blog," unless of course that means that we have now replaced the DC when it comes to being the "student news outlet of record," in which case, forget the umbrage. Either way, it is nice to see that we have a reader.