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Friday Links: Concussion-gate, Day 6

If only we had neat pictures like these to see inside Randy Edsalls head.

If only we had neat pictures like these to see inside Randy Edsall's head.

A new scandal has swept the land: Concussion-gate '08.

Now, one might think something as silly as divulging that a player has a concussion is pretty simple, especially when you've used every word synonymous with concussion to describe his "head injury" and others have already said that it is in fact a concussion that Zach Frazer suffered this past Saturday.

Welcome to the program that Randy Edsall built.

Here, even the smallest morsel of info are kept quiet, quarterbacks aren't allowed to speak and its inhabitants go completely insane.

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  • In the wake of Concussion-gate, Jeff Jacobs takes aim at Edsall and his propensity to lie and use vague terms about injuries. The lede is especially interesting, as it reminds fans of how D.J. Hernandez miraculously went from game-time decision to in a cast minutes after a game in 2006. My take? Frazer could, and will probably, be out the next few weeks, similarly to the time he missed with a concussion in the summer. Look, Frazer is the future, and I'm pretty sure Edsall's aware of this because concussions -- and yes, it is a concussion -- are serious things. He won't risk losing him longer than a few games, or else he'd end up in some hell hole like Syracuse ... wait a second.
  • Desmond Connor takes his weekly look at the opposition, this week focusing on Cincy QB Tony Pike's rise and fall through injuries.
  • Pike's return may receive most of the attention, but the Bearcats' defense will be the biggest obstacle Saturday.
  • It's almost a sure thing Cody Endres will get the start. Endres did get some looks for the backup role during the year, but Frazer got the nod when Tyler Lorenzen went down for a reason. Even if he's talented, the inexperience will be a killer. Edge chart here.
  • A brief look at Edsall's exchange with the media in Chip Malafronte's story.
  • Several features from the Daily Campus's annual homecoming extra, including this one from yours truly about the enigma that is Donald Brown. And index to the other stories, including one on defensive ends Julius Williams and Cody Brown, here. One might ask why there aren't any pictures; I would respond with a depressed sigh.

Women's Basketball

  • About a week after promising a national title, Geno Auriemma drops this quote, per John Altavilla, at yesterday's Big East media day in New York: "How is my team this year? The same as it always is at this time of year — a work in progress," Auriemma said. "It's like the officiating in the league; never as good as you want it to be, but never as bad as you think it is. ... We're not uncomfortable with [being No. 1]. It's something the players come to expect and we take it as another thing on the way to the NCAA Tournament and beyond."
  • For those of us rick dwellers: UConn was picked to win the Big East.
  • The Big East tourney will stay in Hartford until at least 2011.
  • More here: Register, Bulletin, Day.