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Sunday, Sunday, Sunday Links

Remember when Tony Ciaravino missed a field goal? Then another one? Then another?

Apologies for the lack of links and notes from yesterday's game. I was too busy numbing the pain.

Actually, that's not true. I just work too many jobs, and it didn't surprise me in the least bit to see UConn lose -- especially in unimpressive fashion. The Huskies are a bad, bad football team. They barely eeked out wins at Louisville and Temple that they should've lost; their receivers are bad; Knute Rockne is calling plays from the grave; despite reports to the contrary, Donald Brown is not Jesus; and the defense can only be described as, "meh."

Let's just hope -- for my sake, at least -- they become bowl elligible. Thanks, Greg Robinson.

I'm short with the banter, because the game can be summed up pretty easily: UConn sucks, Tony Ciaravino blew it. Still, there are some decent basketball tidbits and some notes from around the conference.



Men's Basketball

  • It was rigorous, but there were some encouraging signs in the Huskies' first practice, espeecially from some of the young guns.
  • Kemba Walker's already making a place for himself on the first day.
  • Calhoun gave the first practice a 'C' grade. Also in the story -- and probably in the others -- Donnell Beverly hurt his hip, but he should be OK. Good. The team needs his support from the bench.
  • Both teams could form a special mix.

Women's Basketball

  • Guard Samarie Walker, considered the top high school girls basketball player in the junior class, verballed to UConn, according to the Courant's John Altavilla. More on Atl's blog. UConn getting the class's best player? Absolutely shocking.
  • More from Alt: In Saturday's first practice, Jess McCormack took her place on the bench, where she will be all year as she sits out following her transfer from Washington. In another interesting twist, Elena Delle Donne -- sigh -- hints at a possible return to UConn ... sort of. My take: Delle Donne should just drop out of school and be a pro four-square player. She would wreck cats. That, or please, please, please stop talking to the media. This saga was boring from the start.
  • Heather Buck et al will get a crash course in NCAA basketball from some of the best.