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Thursday conference call notes

Each week I'll bring you some notes from Thursday's conference call with Randy Edsall and local media. Here's a look at some information that was discussed.

First and foremost, Edsall said there aren't any injuries to report. Well, actually that's not completely true. When asked if anyone went down since Tuesday's media luncheon, Edsall joked that he did. Teehee, Randy; teehee.

Now just a few quotes from Edsall on various topics after the jump.

On Saturday's game being the first one after the bye week:

"I've seen a group of guys that's worked very, very hard that have wanted to get back on the playing field, that want a conference win. This group has been very business-like, They don't get very "rah rah"; they're pretty even-keeled. I thought the focus and attention to what we have at stake has been good. They're really geared into knowing Rutgers is a good football team. They're a 1-5 team, but they're a hungry 1-5 team."

On focusing on becoming bowl eligible with UConn's next win:

"The kids know. We just talk about getting win No. 6 and being 2-0 in the big east conference. Are kids know what's at stake every game we play. [...] Like I've said many times, putting [wins]in the bank."

On the punt return coverage:

"We always evaluate our personnel after every game. We'll see on Saturday, but there could be a change. We drill that into them more than any special teams. We just got to get guys to execute. "

On Donald Brown's carries:

"I guess the thing about it is -- yeah, if it's a perfect world you'd like to [limit him to 25 carries]. I think we had90 plays, or something like that, in the North Carolina game. So I think a lot of it depends on how many plays you're actually out there playing on offense. The best thing I can say is it doesn't affect him. Ideally, you would like to say, yeah, let him have 25. But if it takes 30 to win the game, and he's still strong and going good, then we'll probably take 30. it all depends on the game and the situation."

On Zac Frazer:

"He's been good. I think he's getting more comfortable with each practice that we have and the more reps he gets. Even as a starter you're never going to be as comfortable maybe as you'd like. [...] We just want him to go out and manage a game. Just go out and do the things you're supposed to do; you don't have to be a hero, you don't have to go out and win the game. Just go out and execute and have fun."