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Friday Links: UConn

Not much in the news today with the bye week. Here's what I've scrounged up so far, and I'll be sure to add if anything else pops up. Also, if I overlook something, feel free to send me an e-mail with a link.


  • Zach Frazer was a running back before his high school coaches saw him throw a pass, writes the Day's Chuck Banning.
  • This is pretty old, but it's still strange to see UConn players ranked on any draft board, let alone in the top 5 at their position.
  • breaks down the best high school players in the state of Connecticut.


  • Looks like the Huskies won't be bringing Jordan Hamilton into the fold next year.'s No. 1 small forward in the 2009 class chose Texas yesterday on ESPNU. Although Hamilton would've certainly helped, UConn already is set at the wing if Stanley Robinson and Ater Majok ever make it on campus, and with Jamal Coombs-McDaniel (a four-star prospect, per Rivals) coming into the fold. Still ...