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Friday Links: Big East


  • Louisville will be leaving the confines of Papa John's Cardinal Stadium for the first time this season tonight, and C.L. Brown (what a cool journalist name) of the Courier-Journal says it could be "eye-opening." Showing some love to our fellow bloggers, the Card Chronicle breaks down the match-up with Memphis.
  • Maybe if Pitt offensive coordinator Matt Cavanaugh grew a mustache, he wouldn't have to fend off the criticism he's been taking for being too conservative. If history has taught us anything, if he puts Scott McKillop at tight end, everyone will forget how many inside draws are run.
  • West Virginia wishes they were playing UConn to help its struggling ground game. Syracuse should do, though.
  • Mike Mickens is one interception away from breaking Cincinnati's school record.
  • Apparently, South Florida is taking their loss last week to Pitt pretty hard. But they can perk up -- other than having one of my favorite jerseys, Ben Moffitt made the practice side. Yay?
  • Heisman front-runner Mike Teel may or may not be benched in favor of Dom Natale, but Natale is ready regardless, especially with Jabu the Hut out with a broken leg. Just a guess, but Teel might also punch something.
  • Apparently things get better in Syracuse. Well, sort of.

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