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UConn Daily Links

Im sure youre just as surprised as Reche Caldwell that we now have daily links sections.

I'm sure you're just as surprised as Reche Caldwell that we now have daily-links sections, news from the beat and a suave new writer.

Welcome, all, to the newest addition to's recurring segments. Each day, I will try to give you a whirlwind tour of what the UConn football and, when the time comes, basketball beat writers from around the state are writing about. I planned on starting today, but today's news is already old. Also, barring time restrictions -- i.e., if I feel like it that day -- another links section bringing info, stories, etc., from around the Big East will be popping up. Want to know just how much Syracuse stinks? Ever wonder just how much Dave Wannstedt looks like Tom Selick? Well, we've got you covered.

Also, be on the look out for my Big East Pick 'Em tomorrow, where I choose the results from games around the conference.

And perhaps most importantly, be sure to check us out on Tuesday, where I'll be dolling out news and notes from UConn's weekly media day; Thursday for news from Randy Edsall's weekly conference call; and before, during and after gameday. Next week there should also be some stuff from basketball, as practice opens this Friday with the annual First Night festivities, which could be the most hyped boring event of all UConn events.

Pretty much, check daily. Because I'm awesome. Really.