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I Can't Believe It's Not A UConn-UNC Preview

It's a game we all must play at some point. Like "Life," except without that incessant wheel.

It's a game we all must play; like "Life," only without that incessant wheel.

Well, stuff happened to come up today, so there's no preview of the UNC-UConn game. And to think, I had all these great Roy Williams/Jim Calhoun jokes, and I was gonna make fun of Duke, and we all woulda had a great time.

I know the dozens and dozens of readers here (most of whom know me personally, and thus can call me if they need opinions right this second) at TheUConnBlog were waiting for my thoughts, so please accept my apologies.

To make amends, the Sportsy half of TheUConnBlog will have a wrap-up of just the UConn-UNC game Sunday afternoon, then the State of the Big East on Monday, and hopefully some other interesting stuff later this week. All of this, of course in addition to your irregularly scheduled UConn newsbites.

Anyways, here's the short version of the preview: Brandon Tate is really fast and may score at a time of his choosing, Donald Brown is a better football player than your family combined, and Zach Frazer holds the key to new worlds, including worlds in which UConn finally moves into the Top 20.

Oh, and a prediction? How about UConn 19, North Carolina 17. Just a feeling.

Enjoy the game, see you Sunday.