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Does Dining Services put laxatives in your food?

Everyone has heard the rumors -- Dining Services adds laxatives to its food. Why they would do that? Who knows. Maybe they are just mean. Maybe, as some say, the food is so bad for you that laxatives are added just to help clear out your system. But the why doesn't really matter does it? All that matters is whether or not dining hall food adds a little extra ex-lax to your diet.

So does it? Find out after the jump.

No. That is the answer according to Dennis Pierce, the head of UConn Dining Services. Pierce said he was familiar with the rumor though, and that it was one common to college campuses -- and one UConn spends a bit of time each year fighting. A quick google search for "laxative dining hall food" returns over 10,000 hits, many addressing -- and debunking -- the rumor. In fact, two of the first twenty hits bring you to UConn websites.

So what causes the uh..... bowel discomfort? Well, tried to get in touch with UConn's Student Health Services to find out, but they refused to talk to us (apparently, Student Health Services does not like to answer student's questions about health services.) However, the vast majority of the online rumor debunkers, including this 2006 Boston Globe article blame student diet, in particular an overabundance of high-fat and fried food.

So there you go, there is no laxative in your food, it is just a matter of diet.