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TheLiveBlog: UConn-Seton Hall

Join about 15 minutes before tipoff tonight as we amuse ourselves for 2+ hours. We'll be talking about the matchup between our beloved Huskies take on New Jersey's least obnoxious college...

TheLiveBlog: Super Saturday

We don't pay Dom Amore enough. The Courant's sports writer has a piece in today's paper about the unusual circumstances of all three of UConn's revenue-generating sports teams playing on the same...

TheLiveBlog: #7 UConn vs. #13 Duke

Porter's doing yeoman's work with his post on the UConn-Duke rivalry and the preview of tonight's game, as you can see below. So once you've got your pregame reading done, come on in and join us...

A LiveBlog reminder

As Porter explains below, UConn and Duke always seem to play extremely consequential, epic games. Tonight's preseason NIT final figures to be another one. So you should join us at ~4:45 or so as...

TheLiveBlog: #13 UConn vs. LSU

Back to the ol' grind, as they say. UConn returns to the hardwood tonight for the semifinals of the Preseason NIT against LSU. My computer has gone haywire over the last 48 hours or so, so no...

TheLiveBlog, part deux: UConn v. Hofstra

If UConn loses, 'Pride and Prejudice' will be the name of the instant reaction post. No preview from me today, because the questions I had yesterday...

TheLiveBlog: UConn v. Colgate

You've read the preview, now join us for two hours of frank, serious UConn basketball discussion. Or we'll mock how all the freshmen have two-dimensional mohawks and cast Jim Calhoun as a...

A brief announcement

1) The UConn women are ridiculous. They were ahead of Northeastern, 28-0, just over 5:00 into Saturday's season opener. They managed to outscore their opponents 77-35 over the rest of the game...

TheLiveBlog: UConn at Ohio

Welcome one, welcome all. The Big East is off to a flying start on this first college football Saturday, with Syracuse surprisingly not rolling over against the 10th-best team in the Big 10, West...

TheLiveBlog: #1 UConn vs. #5 Purdue

For now, we're going to put aside the fact that UConn is facing major recruiting violations, that the NCAA has reportedly begun their probe of UConn and that it may include the university's entire...

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