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The second-annual Syracuse Hate Half-Week now has its official muse: this adorable dolphin you see above. We would like to thank Le Moyne University for showing to the world tonight what we in...

What I have learned

So, UConn lost last night 76-68 to Pittsburgh. I'm still more optimistic than Justin is, but I think his recap came pretty close to hitting the nail on the head. Anyway, I came away with three...

SH1/2W: Catharsis

Shot go bye-bye. Webster's can take this lead-in: ca*thar*sis 1. the purging of the emotions or relieving of emotional tensions, esp. through certain...

Second-half inspiration

Work and this plague I have contracted have kept me from hating this week with the rest of Storrs nation, but with UConn up by just three at half (30-27), I feel like the team needs a shot in the...

SH1/2W The UConn Rebuttal: In which the denizens of Storrs reject specious logic

As you may have noticed, we here at TheUConnBlog extended an invitation to two rival bloggers to express their opinions about Syracuse University. They can be found here and here. While we at...

Crush the Orange: #22 Syracuse at #1 UConn preview

It's like he's holding two Ottos. Well, this is it. We've reached the end of Syracuse Hate Half-Week. It will soon be game time in Gampel Pavilion, much...

SH1/2W: I knew it!

Sign on the dotted line. For all the good that UConn basketball has done for both America and the Big East, something strikes me as worriesome. If UConn...

SH1/2W: An interview with UConn's professor of time travel

The man on the left is NOT Dr. Ronald Mallett. Dr. Ron Mallett is a University of Connecticut physics professor best-known for his work on creating a...

SH1/2W: Exploring the depths of YouTube

I admit, "Greatest Moments" is stretching it. A YouTube search of "UConn Syracuse" turns up surprisingly few results. So does "Syracuse loss," which...

SH1/2W: The list

With Hoya Suxa returning fire by posting the distasteful video of De'Jon Jackson's ridiculous game-winning shot in last year's NCAA Tournament, we felt it necessary to bring out the heavy...

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