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Some brief blog pimpsmanship

Let's not talk about being tied with Maine at halftime, OK? Instead, what you should do is head on over to Team Speed Kills to listen to their most recent podcast, which was completed earlier...

A brief announcement

1) The UConn women are ridiculous. They were ahead of Northeastern, 28-0, just over 5:00 into Saturday's season opener. They managed to outscore their opponents 77-35 over the rest of the game...

Elsewhere On Stadium Road 9/22: Introductions

Morrone Stadium: better than your futbol stadium As you may be aware, fellow UConn blogger Ian Bethune of Sox & Dawgs abruptly shut down his site over...

Now entering our sophomore season

Our paper anniversary! Blog founder Porter has informed me that today is the one-year anniversary of TheUConnBlog's first (real) post, which you can see h...

Make a wish, Coach / Coming attractions

I love you like a fat kid loves this. First off, we'd like to wish a belated happy birthday to one "Dandy" Randy Edsall. The shining star of Glen Rock,...

Why I joined Twitter

I've officially given in. Yesterday, I opened a Twitter account, and I now will try to tweet from here on out with some regularity. You can either follow us at twitter.com/theuconnblog, or simply...

Congrats, class of 2009!

Today is graduation day for most of the seniors at UConn (including the gentlemen who happen to have our names attached to the blog), so we at TheUConnBlog would like to wish the best of luck to...

They do some fine work at the Hartford Courant

A friend called today to ask if we designed the sports front of today's Hartford Courant, but unfortunately, we had no hand in it. However, we do applaud their fine work in not only noting...

TheUConnBlog representin' at the Big East Blogger Roundtable

The Big East Blogger Roundtable - 2/10/09 Brian at Orange:44 was kind enough, in this week of Orange mockery, to invite yours truly to represent UConn at tonight's Big East blogger roundtable over...

2008: The year in review or: How Randy Edsall stole Christmas

Champagne? What a year 2008 was. Some are calling it the best year in sports ever. But in the nation of Storrs, it wasn't all mirth and...

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