Temple-UConn preview: Q&A with TheUConnBlog

Temple blog Cherry and White Huddle asked yours truly for some thoughts on Saturday's game, and I did my best to answer without cursing the name of Paul Pasqualoni. As I will be in attendance for Saturday's homecoming game, please fill the comments with suggestions on which types of alcohol would best block out the pain.

Friends With Bennies redux

A Western Michigan blogger had questions about UConn. I gave him answers.

Don't forget to make your Pick'Em picks

The first game of the week is Friday night.

One of many Jim Calhoun remembrances you should read

There are a lot of great pieces on Jim Calhoun out there today, but for people who either lived or grew up in Connecticut over the past twenty years will find a lot to like here. One thing in particular worth noting is this line, which I think explains a lot of the dichotomy between local and national reactions to Calhoun: "Calhoun won two more titles, never taking his foot off the gas. He had gotten to the top by fighting, and he'd stay at the top by fighting. But a national title can change a coach from an underdog to a bully even when the coach himself doesn't change."

BCS Eliminator: UConn is still in the national title hunt

The mothership has launched a nifty new feature where they track who is still alive in the National Title hunt and the good news for UConn fans is that after Week 1 it is still conceivable UConn could be the national champion come January. Not alive? That would be be Pitt. Syracuse, UMass, N.C. State and UMass all check in as barely alive.

Remember to enter your picks for our Pick'em contest

If you haven't done so yet make sure to sign up to enter our free Pick'Em contest. Each weekly winner gets a $10 gift certificate to Gameday Depot. The season winner gets a $50 certificate. The league id is 15087 and the password is uconn. Full rules are here.

More Friends With Bennies

I answered some UConn questions for UMass blog UMass74. Check it out.


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