The only UConn Sweet 16 playlist you'll need


UConn has made it to the Sweet 16 in both the men and women's brackets. That’s good! But you may not have a proper playlist to go along with this new level of success for Shabazz, Kaleena, Boatshow, DeAndre, Stewie and company. That’s bad! So you go to make your own playlist. That’s good! But your efforts are terrible and don’t reflect the true spirit of UConn basketball. That’s bad!

For those still in need for some killer jams to brighten up their dorm room, workspace or the TouchTunes jukebox at their local bar, look no further. The Unofficially Officially Sanctioned UConn Blog March Madness 2014 Playlist is here, and it’s ready for you!

If you have Spotify, click here to pump up your jamz.

"Get Ready For This" by 2 Unlimited

Aw, yeah, here we go. There’s no better song to get you amped up for Shabazz Napier making it rain from Nova range than "Get Ready For This." If it were outdated and terrible, it definitely wouldn’t be played at every UConn home game since the mid-90s! The "Space Jam" style atmospheric intro lets you know something good is about to start. The layered synths that drop right after are that good thing! And that drum machine cymbal… mmm, that conjures up some old XL Center memories, right?

Make sure you scream U! C! O! NN! every time the song reaches that one part. Fun fact: This song is actually four minutes long and unnecessarily repetitive, not just the 45 seconds that plays at the start of tipoff, so you’ll do that at least eight times.

"UConn Husky Fight Song" by Stadium Marching Band

Sure, you could go with one of the many versions of the UConn Fight Song on Youtube from the ever-talented UCMB. But why do that when you have this pretty little MIDI rendition at your fingertips on Spotify? Those Casio keyboard tunes are wonderfully composed, and they definitely don’t end up somewhere dead in the middle of the Uncanny Valley where they’re too perfect to be real but too fake and soulless to be anything but disturbing.

"Rise And Fire Haha College Basketball" by Gus Johnson

What better way to get in the college basketball spirit than a nine-second voice clip from a man who will not be commentating in this year’s tournament?

It’s actually pretty amazing not only that this clip exists, but it’s exactly what the title says. If you click on a link that says "Rise And Fire Haha College Basketball," it’s hard to know what to expect. But here, you get exactly that. Magnificent.

"Strike It Up" by Black Box

It’s the second half of a tight game for our UConn Huskies. The entire XL Center crowd is on its feet. Well, about 60 percent of the XL Center is on its feet, because the people who brought their three-year-olds are buying hot dogs and the older folks paid perfectly good money to sit down in this seat, dadgumit, and actually a lot of people don’t really seem like they care either. Suddenly, that same "Space Jam" opening pops up, and there’s a drum machine beat, and yeah, it’s mid-90s time to get the crowd pumped up! Only this time we get a drum machine solo. Hell yeah. Strike it up! Because no one knows any of the other lyrics.

"Gonna Make You Sweat" by C+C Music Factory

And what’s a better way to get in the UConn groove than this dance cam classic, complete with an awkward and surprisingly risqué rap intertwined in the middle there? We’re all just squirrels trying to get a nut with your butt out on the dance floor.

"March Madness College Basketball Theme" by Toners

Nothing says college basketball than a corporate-created tune sandwiched between THA HOPPAH and Chris Webber calling a timeout he doesn't have to get some Burger King.

"Brass Bonanza" by The Zambonis


(P.S. I'll be back tomorrow with another, more relevant playlist for your listening pleasure.)

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