Dolson and Stokes give Obama bunny ears at the White House

Stefanie Dolson and Kiah Stokes give President Barack Obama bunny ears during the national champion UConn women's basketball team's visit to the White House on Wednesday. - Chip Somodevilla

Why not? The UConn women spend so much time there they practically know everyone on a first name basis.

This past week, President Barack Obama welcomed the national champion UConn women's basketball team to the White House for the third time of his presidency. The visit featured the usual championship routine, the President congratulated the Huskies, the team presented him with a commemorative jacket and then everyone got together for a group photo.

It was during the photo part that things got a little more interesting. According to the Hartford Courant, the President was in a good mood and spent a good portion of the visit cracking jokes with the players and coaches, and during the photo op, he turned around and said "Don't go doing those bunny ears as a joke." And since Stefanie Dolson and Kiah Stokes are Stefanie Dolson and Kiah Stokes, they went ahead and gave the most powerful man in the free world the ole' bunny.

From John Altavilla:

“President Obama’s a light-hearted guy,” Dolson said. “He was making jokes, cracking jokes at Coach [Geno Auriemma], even during his speech he was joking around. When we posed for the picture he turned around and kind of said, ‘Don’t go doing those bunny ears as a joke.’ Me, Kiah, and Stewie (Breanna Stewart) were like, ‘Should we do it?’ We took the nice pictures and then as a joke we put our fingers behind his ears. I thought it was funny. Overall, I thought it was a good time."

Altavilla went on to report that none of the players meant any disrespect and neither the coaches nor the President is mad about it. Which is good, because, really, they gave him bunny ears. I can think of much more disrespectful things.

What's noteworthy about this, if nothing else, is that it's perhaps the ultimate proof that Stefanie Dolson is an absolute badass, and that maybe we should start giving Stokes more credit too. I mean, just look at their faces in that picture, they're both just like "Oh yeah I'm giving the President bunny ears and it's totally cool, haha." Another picture goes on to show that when Obama caught on and turned around, the two culprits blamed Stewart, because that's what you always do, blame the freshman.

Now imagine if I tried to pull that? First of all I wouldn't have the guts, but even if I did, I'd probably just get ripped to shreds by his handlers the moment he left the room, and then I'd never get invited back. Dolson and Stokes? They probably know there's a good chance they'll be meeting Obama again around this time next year too, so why not? Something else to laugh about next year.

For more pictures, click here.

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