Immediately after the game on Monday, I began my long drive back to Chicago from Houston. Driving 18 hours straight is a learned skill, you see, and one thing I've learned is to utilize the radio to keep you awake and alert. Music is bad, talk shows are better, sports talk is best. From 11:00 PM Monday to 7:00 PM Tuesday, I listened to a variety of sports talk on XM's 5 such stations.

The running theme of this particular night's post-game shows was that One-and-Dones have "diluted the quality of the game". While I disagree with this sentiment, it did get me thinking: Has Uconn ever had a One-and-Done? 

The answer is NO.

But is Uconn unique in this regard? How does Uconn compare to the other elite programs with respect to keeping its players in school for a minimum of two years? Hit the jump to find out.

Uconn and Maryland are the only elite college basketball programs to have not had a One-and-Done.

Note: for the following, I've used data from the past 15 seasons (1996-), an arbitrary time that I consider "modern" college basketball. There are two reasons for this: 1) I don't want Holy Cross, San Francisco, CCNY (4 combined NCAA championships) and their ilk mucking up the analysis; 2) There were very few One-and Dones (at most 2 in a year) before this era.

1. Which programs are "elite"?

a. Programs are "elite" if they've been to at least two Final Fours in the past 15 years.

b. There are 12 "elite" programs by this metric: Kentucky, Syracuse, North Carolina, Arizona, Duke, Michigan State, Ohio State, Florida, Connecticut, Maryland, Kansas, UCLA

c. The above list pretty much passes the eye test. To make it more comprehensive, let's add Indiana and Texas to bring the total to 14. Each of these schools reached one Final Four in our time period.

2. What is a One-and-Done?

a. 5-Star (per Rivals) or equivalent recruit, who

b. left school after his Freshman year, and

c. was taken in the first round of the NBA Draft.

3*. Results:

a. Every "elite" Program besides Uconn and Maryland has had at least 1 One-and-Done player since 1996.


*Note: These results do not include the upcoming 2011 NBA draft One-and Dones (Brandon Knight, Jared Sullinger, Harrison Barnes, Kyrie Irving, etc.)

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