TheRoundUp 2/22: Guess what all today's news is about

Not Worth It For Calhoun To Fight This Battle -
Calhoun has treated this entire sordid affair like it was another basketball game. In the face a Yahoo! report that nailed UConn, he has fought it, one fact at a time, fought it down to the last second. And you know what? The game ended. He lost. And now he's considering overtime?

Positive For Sellers, Not For Archibald -
The result: Sellers is basically in the clear. Archibald might find it impossible to work in college basketball anytime soon.

Issues at UConn cut down list of programs without major infractions -
The infractions stain is Connecticut's first in any sport. It leaves four marquee athletics programs -- of the 65 in the nation's six major football-playing conferences, plus Notre Dame -- without a major case in their histories, and two of them carry asterisks. Boston College and Northwestern endured point-shaving scandals that weren't adjudicated by the NCAA. The Unblemished Two: Penn State and Stanford.

Head coaches can't escape accountability - College Basketball Nation Blog - ESPN
But the three-game penalty is far more than a slap on the wrist. Putting Calhoun’s Hall of Fame behind on the couch for one-sixth of conference play is tangible proof that the age-old way of doing business in college sports -- protect the head coach at all costs -- is no longer acceptable. Pleading ignorance while your assistants are running roughshod over the rulebook won’t fly anymore. Letting everyone around the head coach take the fall, while the boss stands tall, is becoming an outdated dodge.

More than just three games for Jim Calhoun - College Basketball Nation Blog - ESPN
Bruce Pearl has ably swan-dived on his sword, tearfully apologetic in the face of possible NCAA infractions and publicly contrite in the wake of Mike Slive’s eight-game conference suspension. That’s not Jim Calhoun. He is not one to take his medicine quietly or cede his position easily. He has spent 25 years at Connecticut tilting at windmills and fighting all comers, fiercely protecting his program and more, his own reputation.

UConn's recruiting penalties are survivable - College Basketball Nation Blog - ESPN
The sanctions levied on Jim Calhoun and the Huskies deal with scholarships, official visits and phone calls. Overall, the sanctions can be overcome with an efficient plan and diligent attention to detail mixed in with good judgment and crisp evaluations.

Auriemma Quiet On Sanctions Against Men's Program - Hartford Courant
"I haven't read [the decision]," Auriemma said Tuesday night. "When it came out at 3 p.m., I wasn't around [campus] so I don't know what anyone has said about it or what anyone's reaction was to it. I haven't had a chance to read the exact content [of the NCAA report]."

UConn Women Race Past Seton Hall In Second Half - Hartford Courant
After making only 2 of 10 shots in the first half, Maya Moore rebounded to lead the Huskies with 20 points. She also had six rebounds and five assists. Moore was one of four UConn players in double figures. Bria Hartley had 17 points, Stefanie Dolson added 14 points and five rebounds. And Tiffany Hayes scored 10 points with six rebounds and four assists.

UConn Huskies Learn Not Every Win is Pretty - Swish Appeal
Sometimes in life you’re a victim of your own success. Connecticut has a habit of making opponents look pedestrian at times. The bigger the game, usually the bigger the kill. Beating ranked opponents by 19.9 points per game and 29 points per game since UConn’s loss to Stanford. So fast forward to Tuesday's game against bottom feeder Seton Hall (8-19, 1-13 in Big East): UConn was supposed to have a cakewalk through this game. Someone just forgot to inform Seton Hall.

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