UConn and your car

This basketball season, we've teamed up with the fine folks over at Volvo to help promote their new Volvo S60. A few weeks back they were kind enough to send me to Big East media day, and last week, they sent me back to Connecticut for UConn's matchup with Tennessee. 

As part of the campaign, Volvo has tapped 16 writers -- one from each Big East school -- to talk about why they are the biggest fan of the Big East. In March, they'll select the Big East's biggest fan. That person's school will get a $10,000 scholarship donation, and the biggest fan will receive a new Volvo S60, which is nice. 

There are a couple of ways you can help me out here. First, join the discussion, these posts are designed to talk about the experience surrounding UConn basketball, so we want to hear from you, so comment -- commenting is key. Second, like this on Facebook or retweet it on Twitter (not on Twitter yet? What are you waiting for? Get on it, and retweet this ASAP). The more exposure this gets, the better UConn, and I, do. 

Third, and finally, go to MyBigEastVolvo.com and vote for me. I'm still sitting in third but Louisville and St. John's are pulling away, which isn't good for anyone -- especially not me.

This week Volvo has tasked me with talking about car care tips, which is an interesting challenge because, well, I don't have a car (though, you know, you could help with that). I used to have a car, this beauty here (note the sexy antenna):


But she didn't follow me to Chicago, so I'm without wheels, as they say.

I confess that I'm not exactly a car expert, so I'm going to take a very liberal definition of "car care tips" and instead throw out the general topic of UConn and cars for your discussion. Are you repping UConn in any way on your care, say with some sweet flags like the ones I was rocking in the above picture? Stickers? License plate?Do you have any tailgating traditions that have to do with your car? Other random UConn/car stores of note? Anything you have, I want to hear, so share it in the comments.

I do want to take a minute to note that I did get two lovely packages from Volvo this week. The first was a Emergency Car Kit filled with an absurd amount of tools and provisions that would get you out of any job (and possibly through a nuclear war). That's cool for me (though again, it'd be even cooler if you helped get me a car to put it in.)

The second package was a collection of Big East Beer Coozies. They're pretty nice and I'm working on a way to give them away in the coming weeks, so keep your eyes peeled for that.

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