UConn and SNY, this is going to be big

UConn and cable network SNY have announced a new partnership for broadcasting Husky sports, as Justin talked about last night. Commenter Edsall is God brought the SNY press release to my attention, and this thing is going to be big, covering both UConn football and UConn basketball. There are going to be over 300 hours of UConn programming on SNY, plus UConn will be prominently featured on SNY's SportsNite show and on SNY's website. Plus, they'll be launching a UConn blog, despite the fact that we have clearly cornered that market. SNY is going to air five UConn games in 2010, and along with it deliver loads and loads of UConn coverage including:

• Comprehensive UConn Huskies Football Season Preview Show

• Randy Edsall's Weekly Press Conference

• In-Depth Post-Game Shows [Following all SNY-televised UConn football games]

• UConn Huskies Season-in-Review/Bowl Preview Special

• UConn's "Football Signing Day" Press Conference

• Re-airs of every UConn Huskies Football Game [subject to availability]

• Huskies Power Hour: A 60-minute cut-down version of that week's game.

•SNY Spotlight with Head Coach Randy Edsall. SNY Spotlight is an exclusive signature series -- created by SNY's Original Entertainment Division -- that features in-depth interviews with New York's most influential leaders in sports and entertainment

All this coverage is fantastic news for UConn, and really gives the Huskies a nice foothold for broadcasting in the New York market. Plus, SNY has announced that Comcast will be greatly expanding SNY coverage in Connecticut, so you know, Connecticut fans can watch as well.

Plus, there is plenty for basketball. Hit the jump for more.

UPDATE: There also seems to be something in this for the UConn baseball team. Part of the arrangement means that the Huskies now get to use the Met's spring training facilities, according to Adam Zagoria.

SNY is going to have at least 13 men's basketball and at least one women's basketball game each year, according to the release. In addition to the games, the basketball program will also be featured in:

• Comprehensive UConn Huskies Men's basketball Season Preview Show

• In-Depth Pre-Game Shows Prior to Select SNY-Televised UConn Basketball Games

• UConn Huskies Season-in-Review Special

• Re-airs of Every UConn Huskies basketball Game Shown on SNY

• SNY Spotlight with Men's Head Basketball Coach Jim Calhoun and Women's Head Basketball Coach Geno Auriemma

All in all, this seems like a very big deal and is looking pretty good for the Huskies.

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