UConn men pick up PG recruit, maybe (UPDATE: Nope.)

UPDATE (Thursday, 12:07 p.m.) - FEBRUARY FOOLS!

Looks like this one's a hoax, folks. If you click the link to the BE Basketball Report's commitment story, you'll see an updated version that makes it appear as if Mr. Lawhorn's Facebook and e-mail accounts have been hacked, and someone falsely claimed that Lawhorn committed to UConn.

So, uh, good one, hoax guy. You got us. I'll keep the post up for posterity reasons (because who doesn't love a good hoax?), but just know that everything below the jump (except for David Borges' denial) appears to be false.


No, not Brandon Knight, Josh Selby or Cory Joseph. Those heralded, superawesome recruits have yet to officially break our hearts and sign with other teams.

But according to Scott Procious of the Big East Basketball Report, the Huskies did receive the committment of New York City point guard Danny Lawhorn, a 3-star recruit from South Kent (Conn.) Prep.

Lawhorn is 6 feet tall, 155 pounds, and he averages 13 points, 12 assists and 5 points per game.

Procious describes Lawhorn as a defensive stopper, but it appears as if he'll be an understudy as a freshman, similar to the roles of Darius Smith and Jamaal Trice this year.

If my counting is right, this would fill out UConn's allotment of scholarships for the 2010-11 season, barring a transfer. Lawhorn would be the fifth incoming freshman, replacing the four graduating seniors on the roster (which includes 12 scholarship players currently). The article mentions that Lawhorn was originally going to classify himself as a class of 2011 recruit, but the point guard is now apparently planning on coming in next fall.

Also, this is kind of worriesome:

To be able to run the Husky offense for coach Jim Calhoun in the future, Lawhorn does need to improve his decision-making with the ball. At the Prep Showcase he was prone to questionable decisions on the fast break after making steals or pushing the ball in transition, a staple in the UConn attack.

Nevertheless, welcome aboard, Danny.

Unless, of course, you're not actually coming to UConn. So says David Borges of the New Haven Register, and rather definitively: he says UConn wasn't even recruiting Lawhorn.

Clearly, one of these reporters is right and the other is wrong. Procious has an actual quote from Lawhorn in his story, though, so I can't imagine he's just making it up as he goes along. Unless this is one of those Kevin Hart situations. And wouldn't it be awesome if it were?


UPDATE (11:55 p.m.) - The Big East Basketball Report is sticking by its story. Lawhorn informed the site of his committment to UConn Wednesday afternoon.

Lawhorn, then, would appear to be an insurance policy in case UConn doesn't land Selby, Joseph or Knight.

But were UConn to pick up one of the big three for next season, it's unclear whether UConn would stick with Lawhorn, given the glut of guards currently in the program (Walker, Beverly, Smith, Trice, Lamb).

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