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I'd like to complain about how this site was only made to promote their DVD. But, really, this is pretty awesome.

Things that are great about this site and watching its clips of the six overtimes:

  • The soundtrack of the game clips sounds like it was performed by Rush.
  • The DVD page features a write-up that reads: "WATCH THE SIX OVERTIME GAME OF BASKETBALL HISTORY. MARCH 12, 2009 SYRACUSE OVER UCONN." Not the greatest or the most awesomest six overtime game of basketball history. THE six overtime game of basketball history.
  • Our very own Kevin Meacham and friend of TheUConnBlog Dan Olender get some nice face time around the 30-second mark of the first OT clip.
  • How the f*ck did they blow a six-point lead?
  • This reminds me why i began cheating on the woyah to begin my man-crush affair with Stan.
  • Andy Rautins' hair.
  • At the end of each overtime, Cal is complaining about something. After the third OT, it looks like he starts to yell at a ref, but after realizing that one isn't nearby, he just starts hollering back toward the bench coaches. Classic Cal.
  • Seriously -- six points.
  • This reminded me that the Rautins family was mentioned a total of 56 times throughout the Big East tournament.
  • Jonny Flynn is laughing after the third OT. This man is pure evil.
  • This site is about a million times more impressive than the Big East one, simply because things wobble when you place your mouse over them.
  • Paul Harris deserves and Academy award for that fifth foul call on Thabeet (15 secs. into 4OT clip). Nice job, Vlade.
  • The write-up for the 4OT mentions how important Gavin's block was at the end, but in almost every Syracuse possession before that, he shows why he led the league in shats. Also, it looks like woyah actually blocked it, which would make more sense.
  • The music switches to a track from the Lord of the Rings at the end of the 4OT clip, fife and all.
  • With the excitement and tension all but gone watching this months later, you realize what an awful game this degenerates to. UConn misses about 50 free throws, no one could score, everyone was afraid to touch anyone and risk a foul. It's still great, though.
  • Scottie Haralson -- wearing a moo-moo underneath his jersey, hitting a clutch jumper, still balding.
  • Some creative editing starts happening in the final two OTS. Either that, or Flynn could not decide whether he looked better with or without his headband.
  • I think UConn players believe that if they flail their legs violently on 3-point attempts, they'll get a foul call. Kemba did it, and then A.J. tried again in the fifth OT when Flynn was about five feet away from him.
  • Everyone is too tired to pick up Kemba after 5OTs, so John Lindner decides it's a perfect time for some much-needed face time.
  • I forgot that Syracuse never led in overtime. My God.
  • It didn't suck too bad losing that game right after, but it stings a little bit to know when people bring it up 30 years, they'll remember Syracuse winning. ORRRRANNNGGGGE!


{H/T: NunesMagician}

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