SH1/2W: The list


With Hoya Suxa returning fire by posting the distasteful video of De'Jon Jackson's ridiculous game-winning shot in last year's NCAA Tournament, we felt it necessary to bring out the heavy mock-tillery.

So this is a very simple post: Here are the teams that have won an NCAA Tournament game since Syracuse last won a game in the Big Dance. For those of you wondering, the 'Cuse has been winless in the tournament that matters since the 2004 second round.

Following that, there will be a list of UConn players that have won more NCAA Tournament games (from 2004-2008) than any player in a Syracuse jersey.

The terrifying truth that Syracuse blogs don't want you to read is after the jump.

Teams that have won an NCAA Tournament game since March 25, 2004:

1. St. Joseph's (PA)

2. Oklahoma State

3. Kansas

4. Georgia Tech

5. Duke

6. Xavier

7. Alabama

8. UConn

9. Oakland (MI)

10. Illinois

11. Nevada

12. UW-Milwaukee

13. Boston College

14. UAB

15. Arizona

16. Southern Illinois

17. Washington

18. Pacific

19. Louisville

20. Texas Tech

21. Gonzaga

22. West Virginia

23. Wake Forest

24. North Carolina

25. Iowa State

26. Villanova

27. Florida

28. Wisconsin

29. Bucknell

30. North Carolina State

31. Mississippi State

32. Michigan State

33. Vermont

34. Utah

35. Oklahoma

36. Cincinnati

37. Kentucky

38. Monmouth (NJ)

39. George Washington

40. LSU

41. Texas A&M

42. Northwestern State

43. Texas

44. UCLA

45. Indiana

46. Memphis

47. Pittsburgh

48. Bradley

49. Montana

50. Ohio State

51. Georgetown

52. Wichita State

53. Tennessee

54. G**rg* M*s*n

55. Niagara

56. Maryland

57. Butler

58. Virginia Commonwealth

59. Washington State

60. Vanderbilt

61. Virginia

62. Virginia Tech

63. UNLV

64. Purdue

65. Winthrop

66. Oregon

67. USC

68. Mount St. Mary's

69. Arkansas

70. Notre Dame

71. Siena

72. Kansas State

73. Davidson

74. Marquette

75. Stanford

76. Miami (FL)

77. Western Kentucky

78. S*n D**g*

UConn players who have tasted the sweet, sweet nectar of an NCAA Tournament victory since the last time Syracuse did:

1. Marcus Johnson

2. Jeff Adrien

3. Marcus Williams

4. Ben Spencer

5. Hilton Armstrong

6. Ryan Thompson

7. Josh Boone

8. Rudy Gay

9. Craig Austrie

10. Rob Garrison

11. Rashad Anderson

12. Ed Nelson

13. Denham Brown

14. Marty Gagne

15. Osazee Omokaro

16. Nick Forostoski

17. Charlie Villanueva

18. Sami Ameziane

19. A.J. Price (technically)

20. Jason Baisch

21. Leeshan Reid

22. Ryan Swaller

23. Ben Gordon

24. Taliek Brown

25. Marcus White

26. Shamon Tooles

27. Justin Evanovich

28. Emeka Okafor

Clearly, this proves it. More than an entire NCAA tournament's worth of teams have tasted March victory. More than two full rosters worth of UConn players have done the same.

And finally let it be said: Shamon Tooles > Devendorf + Rautins combined.

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